Clients Benefit from Customized Recruitment Solutions



Your success is dependent on the caliber of people you hire. You can trust Milejobs to use a scientific and data-driven approach to develop a customized solution that will give your company a sustainable competitive advantage.

  • Reduction in new hire turnover
  • Decreased time to hire
  • Improved fill rates
  • Increased quality of hire
  • Minimized administrative effort
  • Reduced cost-per-hire
  • Easy, fast and transparent implementation
  • Multilingual, multicultural workforce
  • Scalable and flexible solutions
  • Seasoned technical recruiters on staff
  • Quality hires for all levels of positions
  • Best trained sourcers globally
  • Reduction in overall recruitment cost
  • Improved compliance with diversity goals

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Milejobs is responsive to our client needs in today’s on-demand environment.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions01

Milejobs provides on-demand recruitment process enhancement and staffing solutions for one critical search, large projects, or complete RPO solutions. Our flexible service offerings are customizable based on your needs including RPO, Hourly, Hybrid, VSP, and more.

Our Team

Our Team02

Our global team is led by former Fortune 100 talent acquisition execs and includes seasoned recruiters with deep experience in technical recruitment, an average of 8 years tenure, and fluent in 8 languages supporting the US, EU & APAC.

Our Results

Our Results03

We fill more than 6,000 positions per year. With 85% average candidate acceptance, 30% average savings in agency fees, and 14-20 days on average to source the finalist candidate, it’s no wonder our average client tenure is 8+ years and our client retention rates lead the industry at 94%.